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Hello everyone,

I would like to apologize for the lack of posting lately, there are so many wonderful things going on in my personal and professional life right now that demands my attention and dedication, leaving me little time for writing, however our love for genuine art will always keep us connected.  You are also welcome to check out my instagram page for updates: fineartforall



Two New Van Gogh’s Drawing Discovered

4989Van Gogh disco drawing 2(1)

Exciting news: The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has authenticated  two new drawings (above) to be by Van Gogh. The first drawing “The Hill of Montmartre with Stone Quarry” is in the collection of the Van Vlissingen Art Foundation, and the second one “The Hill of Montmartre” belongs to the Van Gogh Museum, both works were drawn in 1886.  Read more: New Vincent van Gogh drawing discovered

John Constable: The Radical Landscape of The Hay Wain – National Gallery Talk

Even though I do not agree with Collin when he talks about Turner; I believe Constable’s work was much more “British-like,” at that time, than Tuner’s, perhaps that was the reason it took him so long to get accepted into the academy; he was giving them what they already have seen, just in an “unfinished” version. – (and when I say that I do not want to diminish his work in any way, just trying to describe what may have been the academy’s view on it) – But I do enjoy many of the points Mr.Wiggins brings up in the video, it helped me to understand and appreciate Constable’s artwork even more. Hope you guys enjoy it as well!

Met’s New Admission Fee


For the first time in half a century, visitors to the world’s largest cultural institution, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, will have to pay a mandatory admission fee of $25 if they do not live in New York State under a new policy that begins March 1, the museum announced on Thursday. (New York Times reported)

Daniel H. Weiss, Met’s new CEO, says in this interview that the “increase” of Met’s entry fees is due to the decrease of contributors and the failure of “pay-as-you-wish” policy:  Met Museum President Daniel Weiss Answers Questions About the New Admissions Policy

Even though I like the novelty of this honorable policy, I do not think it is very practical nowadays, specially for the arts and cultural institutions; which might differ in the next 10 to 15 years.  I also suspect that the questionable financial management of the last few years also influenced his decision.  Let’s hope this change can come as a big help for our so loved national treasure museum.



2018 Art Market Predictions


Georgina Adam’s predictions for 2018 art market is very optimistic, she believes the sale of the Salvator Mundi had a significant effect in Old Masters’s and also in the over all marketplace: What will 2018 hold for the art market?

I also thought was funny the fact that she mentioned Martin Kemp’s noticeable increase of submissions after the Last Da Vinci’s big sale, he must be thrilled…


New Year, New Designs – AIA ARt

Happy New Year to you all,  I hope you had a good holiday, and hold great expectations for this new year; always remember, making your dreams a reality is the easy part, the challenge is to believe in them.

On this note I’d like to share with you my newest design, which is available on ebay: Umbrella -Van Gogh – Starry Night – Auto Open, Inverted,Double-Layer, HIGH-END

Let me know if you have any question – Enjoy 🙂