I am all for a healthy protest manifestation.  I admire their enthusiasm, the fact that they are passionate enough to express so intensely their dislike and get involved (demanding) in what they want to see.  However, Gauguin over Renoir?!? Read more: GodHatesRenoir

UPDATE: Found this other article where Max Geller (the leader of the protest) claims to not liking Renoir because of his “misconception” of reality; guess the entire Impressionism movement and Modern Art are also out (according to Geller)… Read More: 3questions

UPDATE: Another article about the protest, I really liked what Mr. Jones had to say, also Prof. John House, of the Courtauld, when he quoted: “Renoir could be a truly awful painter. But every now and then he had moments of sublime genius”. For Art lovers it can be controversial, but that is what art is all about: PASSION RenoirDoesNotSuck

UPDATE: Authorities are claiming they are not going to take the protest into consideration due to its lack of solemnity.   If you ask me, they should have disregarded it as soon as the protestants showed preference for Gauguin over Renoir.