A dearly friend of mine gave me this book for Christmas, and I have to say I fell in love with it after the first page. I believe it will take me a while to finish it, since I’m enjoying every bit of it and want to make it last as long as I can.

In this book, Wildenstein provides us with lots of detailed information, illustration, and using his wide art history knowledge, he also cleverly compares and/or assimilates Monet with others painters; not only in the impressionism style but also in other movements.

I’ve always admired Daniel Wildenstein, not only for his work and contribution for the art world, but also for his Impressionism’s appreciation and dedication,  which we both share, and if I may boldly say,  with the same intensity.  And now reading this book I believe an allegiance is being created.

Daniel was very faithful to Monet’s image and work, giving the reader an unique opportunity to get to know Claude, familiarize with his easygoing personality,  understand his dreams, and to fall in love not only with the “Father of  The Impressionism” but also with the man behind the canvas.