The Rijksmuseum (with the help of the Metropolitam Museum) has added a number of newly attributed works of Hercules Segers, reports The New York Times, this research has been done for a new exhibition on Segers’ life, which opens at the Rijksmuseum on October 7th till January 8th, when it will then travel to the Met in New York, where it opens on February 13th. More about the research: Sergers.

Serger is not a very well known artist; I only “discovered” him after the British Museum’s exhibition on his printings and etchings back in 2012.  After reading a little about his techniques (and innovative methods) I was inspired to experiment, and after lots of unsuccessful attempts I found out that adding honey to acrylic paint not only prolongs its working life, but it also gives it a brighter tonality.

Rembrandt was also influenced by him, so much so that he started to collect Serge’s work for himself; even Turner was impressed with Serger’s colored ink two hundred years later, and today we are able to see his impact in Turner’s work.