I have received some emails asking my opinion on women in the art world, someone even mentioned the controversial Guerrilla Girls add “Do women have to be naked to get into the Met. Museum?”  Here is the most common question:

Is the Art World sexism?

(my answer – short version)

I would say “including” the Art World; since the beginning of times the world has been biased against women, and the arts (which is a part of this world) were no different, not only for the “unpopular” and “submissive” women’s part in the society, but also for intellectual reasons, since women were not allowed an education.  However this status has changed, nowadays there are lots of women artists, curators, educators  and they are gaining respectable grounds.  So I would say, since we cannot change the past lets focus on the future, and enjoy the feminine attributes we (as women) are bringing (and changing) the art world.