I thought it would be nice to talk a little bit about every art period, or what I like to call “the isms in art.”  Since art is almost always ahead of its time, I believe every one of the movements represent our “call” for needed evolution, serving as visual window to our future.

The Renaissance is one of my favorite, certainly one of most beauty and grace.  It was when artists sought for divine achievements, resembling almost perfectly the real world; transforming the simple craft of painting into preeminent portrayal,  revealing great masters, manifesting supreme art.

Renaissance means “rebirth” and it was original applied to the flowering of arts and learning that occurred in the Western World  during the period of 1300 to 1600, when they were trying to replicate the golden age of ancient Rome.   Filled with grand pride the Italians were the ones who dictated the movement, and I must say they did it with class.

Here are the renaissance’s isms, which we will talk about in the following posts: gothicism, classicism, secularism, monumentalism, humanism, idealism, perspectivism, illusionism, naturalism,  and last but not least mannerism.

See you next time.