Illusionism is the technique used by artists to create perspective illusion, when the viewer is tricked into mistaking painted objects for real ones.  In the Renaissance era it was very admired, since it cares the ambition of bringing images into existence.

There are two technical terms used in illusionism, the first one is “Trompe I’oeil” French for “deceiving the eye” normally used for smaller objects, and the second one is “Quadratura” referring to larger scale of painting, like this one I used to illustrate the term.  In this painting Andrea Mantegna brings the illusion of an open ceiling, where we have the lovely conception of direct connection to heaven and its angel, always being guarded, always being blessed by their presence.

Some of the Artists:

  • Donato Bramante
  • Correggio
  • Jan Van Eyck
  • Andrea Mantegna