The Borghese Gallery has announced its own formation of the Caravaggio Research Institute; with the help of some supporters the institute will home some of Caravaggio’s works and serve as an authentication and art-historical research study center. At a press conference, Galleria Borghese director Anna Coliva said the institute was formed “since the great specialists of Caravaggio are no longer here, anyone can decide to attribute a piece to the artist.”

The Borghese’s will also be hosting some international exhibition of the artist, the first one being at the Getty Museum opening on November 21, 2017, which I really, really and really would like to attend, so if you are in California or near by and able to go please send me an email letting me know how it went, I would appreciate it!  And if you like me are in the east coast don’t be jealous, we got Michelangelo at the Met. More info read: Italy Is Launching an Expansive New Caravaggio Research Institute Thanks to a Surprise Supporter