For the first time in half a century, visitors to the world’s largest cultural institution, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, will have to pay a mandatory admission fee of $25 if they do not live in New York State under a new policy that begins March 1, the museum announced on Thursday. (New York Times reported)

Daniel H. Weiss, Met’s new CEO, says in this interview that the “increase” of Met’s entry fees is due to the decrease of contributors and the failure of “pay-as-you-wish” policy:  Met Museum President Daniel Weiss Answers Questions About the New Admissions Policy

Even though I like the novelty of this honorable policy, I do not think it is very practical nowadays, specially for the arts and cultural institutions; which might differ in the next 10 to 15 years.  I also suspect that the questionable financial management of the last few years also influenced his decision.  Let’s hope this change can come as a big help for our so loved national treasure museum.